Business is a language I have spoken since I can remember. I am a proud Floridian that was born into an entrepreneurial family. Business was deeply embedded into my DNA before I could even walk or talk. My father has owned several successful businesses throughout my life and I was fortunate to learn some vital skills and experience early on that helped plant the seed that would help my career grow into what it is today. My passion for business, customer relations and service has driven my journey throughout my career and I am proud to say that I love what I do.

Looking back on my fundamental years I have my father to thank for instilling a strong work ethic and a love for business. This paired with my energetic personality and genuine love for people is what drove me into the field of business administration and manangement. With over 14 years in this field I have learned so vital skills and knowledge to help drive a business in the right direction. I worked at a real estate firm for 3 years until I found a great opportunity at a water management fir, where I worked for over 10 great years. I am proud to not just have over a decade of hands-on experience but also education to match it. I graduated from Edison State College, Phi Theta Kappa with Honors and spent my last semester working directly with one of my professors on a thesis on communication and body language in business. I currently am earning my Bachelors in Science degree in business administration and management at the University of Florida. I think that combination of experience and education helps to enhance my ability to manage operations and handle customer relations.

I am excited to bring my expertise with me to the team. I love the holistic approach that Todd takes with his clients and I think this sets his firm apparent from others. This type of approach puts clients first and I think this is vital in business and communication today. My operations, administrative and customer relations experience will help enhance Macke Financial Advisory Groups’ already great approach to meeting clients financial needs. I look forward to helping all of our clients get exceptional service and building great relationships with everyone.