John Zambo – Director of Operations – is a passionate member of Macke Financial. His guiding principle, and his reason for being in the financial advisory world, is to give himself to others to help people achieve their dreams. For John, the focus is on the other, and helping people in any way possible. This is because of his time as a caregiver for both his mother and brother with cancer, starting his freshman year of High School. John was the primary caregiver for four years, working seven days a week to care for his brother, his mother, his family, and the house. These experiences taught John empathy and compassion, and gave him a desire and motivation to serve others.

John’s interest in finance started because of his two years competing in policy debate. He researched economics on his own, and discovered how vital properly handling money is in any task you want to achieve. If money is managed well, it can propel you to accomplish your loftiest goals. If it is managed poorly, it can prevent you from even properly taking care of yourself. This realization inspired John, and gave him a love for analyzing situations and figuring out the best way to direct money to bring about the desired goals.

The combination of these two drives is what led John to Macke Financial. John is interested in serving others and helping people achieve their dreams, not selling to make a profit. This is why the fee-only financial advisor model stood out to him. The goal is not to sell investments and make a commission, the goal is to help people manage their money well and achieve their dreams.

Ultimately, John’s passion overflows into everything that he does. When he undertakes a task or responsibility, he works tirelessly until it is achieved well. This conviction and drive to serve others well makes John an invaluable member of the Macke Financial team, and he is excited to put this passion to work for you, to help you achieve your dreams.