Macke Financial Advisory Group, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Todd C. Macke, CFP. Working as a financial consultant for another company, Mr. Macke decided that in order to work in his desired atmosphere and fulfill his professional philosophy, the best solution was to create his own firm. Currently, the Macke Financial Advisory Group serves over 100 clients in 11 states.

As President of Macke Financial Advisory Group, Mr. Macke insists on maintaining a quality business. Recognizing that there are a number of elements necessary to create a highly efficient and productive firm, he believes in continually upgrading to the most recent technology, so that the most current knowledge and resources are readily accessible. In addition, Mr. Macke strongly supports investing in human resources. Not only are all employees encouraged to complete continuing education classes, but also he believes in the value of increasing his abilities through education via classes and conferences.

More importantly, Mr. Macke believes that the quality treatment and service of his clients should be his primary consideration. Therefore, he believes that there would be a “conflict of interest” while working on commission. For this reason, he provides advice on a fee-only basis, and attempts to exceed the traditional expectations of his clients by improving the financial advisor quality of service.

While a number of his clients are retirees or individuals headed towards retirement, he provides financial advice for people of all ages. In the past, he has assisted with the purchase negotiations of automobiles; the interview process of real estate agents; and the evaluation of a variety of locations, including nursing homes, rental properties, and houses. Ultimately, Mr. Macke highly values his advisor/advisee relationship with his clients, and for that reason many of his clients are not temporary, but life-long clients who quickly become members of the Macke Financial Advisory Group family.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Macke Financial client please visit the Future Clients page or call 239.275.1122 for your complimentary initial consultation.