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Founded in 1996, Macke financial Advisory Group blazed a revolutionary path as Ft. Myers’ first fee-only firm. Convinced that his role as advisor encompassed more than recommending investments and working on commission, President and Founder of the firm, Todd C. Macke, stepped away from the average broker-dealer role, into the fee-only sphere where he could better serve his clients. Twenty years later, Macke Financial Advisory Group has evolved into a nationwide firm serving over 100 households from CA. to Fl.


Sometimes following your own path, means making it yourself.

Raised in OH, Todd experienced firsthand the drive and dedication necessary to create, and manage one’s own business. The son of two entrepreneurial parents, Todd grew up in a family of 8, he was 1 of 6 children, where everyone was expected to assist in the daily operations of the family business. Eventually, the family RV sales lot would evolve into one of the largest RV sales operations in the state of OH. Working in the business at such a young age instilled in him an accountability and a pride in ownership which is apparent in the quality of his firm today.

Passionate about his clients’ well-being and continuing success, Todd has grown his business as a fee-only advisor from one client, to well over 100. Believing wholeheartedly in the integrity of a fee-only firm, Todd left the commission based world for an environment where the client’s needs were put first. Thirty years as an advisor later, his passion for clients has yet to ebb as he’s worked to set the highest fiduciary standard in the area.



But so do we.

When choosing an advisor, experience matters. With more than thirty years in the industry, and twenty years as president and founder of his own firm, Todd has steadily served as his client’s chief advisor through good economies and bad. The coupling of knowledge and experience, allows Todd to advise from a uniquely advantageous position as he leads clients down a path of financial freedom.

While many people don’t consider the assistance of a financial adviser until they are approaching retirement, Todd has expanded his scope to work with local business owners through managing 401k investment plans, legal and contract review, and consulting. Yet, his clients seek his guidance on more than strict business matters be it purchasing a new computer, buying a safer, more suitable car for an aging parent, or when they simply need someone to talk to. It is this type of involvement with clients that has led to life-long relationships not simply with one client, but also with extended family who have grown to trust Todd’s advisement.


Your passion is our priority.

You know our experience speaks for itself, now let us show you what we can do to help you achieve your goals. Through creating a financial plan, creating and growing your own business, or forging your own path entirely, we want to work with you. We’ve been fortunate enough to follow our dreams and do what we love, now let us show you how to do the same. Your passion is our priority. Let’s get started.



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